Juice Plus+® is real, whole food…not a fragmented vitamin or isolated antioxidant.  It is a natural balance of thousands of nutrients needed by the body including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients and fiber as they are found in nature.  
Juice Plus+® is the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables.  Of course, there is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  But because most people simply can't, don't, or won't, Juice Plus+® helps fill that gap.

Health and Wellness Coaching is offered to help motivate healthy nutrition in a busy life style. This is offered in a variety of ways too, from individual help to family help and even senior help! We can help with not only eating and preparing food but label reading and exercise as well. 

There are classes that you can attend or you can opt to have a coach for just yourself. The best thing about Health and Wellness Coaching is that you aren't being told what to do, your Health Coach works with you and alongside your lifestyle.

My name is Cindy Galloway and I am Dr. Noyes’s Wellness Coordinator. 

I am here to answer any ​questions you may have 
regarding Juice Plus+ and to help assist you in any way regarding your health.  I am available to do Healthy Living Talks for you, your family, or business and organization.

Hi there,

I am Cassi Sharp, and not only do I work for Dr. Noyes, I am a Health and Wellness Coach. I hold many different types of classes to help bring the gift of health to many. I can also work one on one and/ or with families and businesses. As, your Health and Wellness Coach, I work with you to create a plan that works best for you, rather than telling you what to do and you not succeeding.

Along with Cindy, I too work with Juice Plus+ and can answer any questions you might have regarding health.